Gymstar Competitive
Providing an enjoyable, supportive competitive program for girls ages 6 - 18 years old
New to the Gymstar Competitive Program?
Here's a few video's of some of our athletes in a competition environment and what you can expect when attending a competition with Peninsula Gymnastics
Gymstar Competitive

Our coaching team are continually evaluating participants within all of our classes at Peninsula Gymnastics to ensure that they are in the learning environment which challenges and stimulates them. The Gymstar Competitive Program is offered by invitation to girls from the Gym For All, Power Start or Gymstar Challenge programs who show the physical and psychological readiness to be progressed through gymnastics to a pathway of more difficult skills. By placing likeminded children together we have the ability to better move through progressions and also refine movements more specifically. These classes offer a nurturing environment where personal achievement is recognised and mistakes or errors are viewed as another learning experience. We do not enter competitions for results, awards or accolades. These are all by-products of other more important lessons. Competition is a vessel for teaching resilience, self-reflection, persistence, coping with anxiety and stress, and good sportsmanship. These are skills your daughter will take with her into real life situations, be that school exams, a job interview or relationships. All of this comes back to our grounding philosophy of “Teaching movement for life”. We are interested in the development of your daughter not just in the here and now but also for her future as a responsible, accountable and contributing member of society. The Gymstar program run in Victoria operates very much in line with this ethos.

“Gymstar aims to provide recreational competitions that are enjoyable for gymnasts, coaches, judges and spectators. The program’s main objective is for all participants to enjoy the experience of participating to their full potential. Gymstar provides the opportunity for participants to compete in a fun and fair environment. The emphasis is on the execution of skills and routines rather than difficulty. The design of the program may also allow gymnasts to move across to the Australian Levels Program at level 6 or 7 after completing Gymstar 10. It is recommended that the Gymstar program be used by gymnasts who train limited hours, gymnasts who prefer a less competitive environment or gymnasts who have limiting physical qualities which do not allow them the opportunity to have a positive experience within the competitive Australian Levels Program.” 2017 Gymstar manual excerpt.

  • Up to 8 participants per coach
  • 1-2 hours per week depending on class
  • Female classes
  • Uniform requirements