Community Health
Stay connected with the news and developments about the new strain of coronavirus and how it effects our business operations. Importantly it has drawn in our focus on good hygiene practices and how we all have a role to play in community health.

Where can I find more information regarding COVID-19?

What is recommended from Sporting Australia?

“Settings like gyms, indoor fitness centres and swimming pools are not required to close at this time providing they meet these requirements for social distancing and hand hygiene. Such venues should take actions to ensure regular high standards of environmental cleaning take place.” Sporting Australia.

For current information on the Sporting Australia recommendations and guidelines please click here.

What measures do you have in place?

As part of our regular hygiene practices we regularly clean and sanitise the facility, equipment, bathrooms. We have significantly increased our cleaning schedule, have added additional hand sanitizing stations, signage around appropriate hand hygiene and encourage our members to stay home and utilise our make up policy if they are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms. We are more than happy to extend make-ups tokens until a convenient time.

What have Peninsula Gymnastics been doing to minimise spreading germs?

We have put in place the following steps to help minimise the risk of spreading any germs, including colds, flus and the potential of COVID-19:

  • Additional signage has been posted in regards to good hygiene practices, to keep these things front of mind. All bathrooms have posters with correct hand washing techniques.

  •  Additional hand sanitisation stations have been purchased and placed on the walls for easy access.

  • As we always have, we are actively taking steps to ensure the venue, equipment and hand apparatus are cleaned daily. High traffic areas like the foyer and KinderGym mat are being cleaned hourly.

  • The staff have access to cleaning products at all times and we engage a professional cleaning service for deep cleaning.

  • Coaches are being encouraged to wash their hands often with soap and water, and hand sanitiser is accessible to them out in the equipment area.

  • We encourage families using our facility to wash / sanitize their hands on the way into and out of the venue.

  • Close contact with others is to be kept to the minimum required for safety.

  • As always, if an athlete or coach is feeling unwell or presenting symptoms of illness they should not attend classes or the facility.

How do you keep the gym clean?

We use commercial grade disinfectants on our hard surfaces and frequently clean high traffic areas like door handles and taps. 

What can I do to stop the spread of germs?

  • Assist in educating your children on correct hand washing behaviours (see attached PDF) The wiggles have a fun little hand washing song for the younger ones in our community and is goes for just over 20 seconds, the ideal length for hand washing

  • Wash or sanitize your hands on arrival and departure from our facility

  • Encourage children to sneeze or cough into a tissue and place it immediately into a bin, then wash their hands thoroughly. When a tissue is not available encourage them to cough or sneeze into their elbow.

  • Do not attend our facility if you have any cold or flu symptoms. Utilise our make up policy.

What happens with fees / direct debits?

If Peninsula Gymnastics is in a position where classes must be cancelled any remaining balances to family accounts will remain in credit. No further debits / payments will be taken after the facility is closed until we are able to resume operations as normal

Will you hold my spot in the class?

If you are choosing as a family to cancel your enrolment, we will be unable to hold your position in the class, as people from our waiting list will want to enrol into classes. We will however continue to contact you with information and to keep in touch, should you wish to return. 

If we are in a situation where the facility is closed, all positions will be held until classes and facility function returns to normal.

Someone looked unwell in the class

We are actively communicating to families to keep unwell children at home and utilise our make up policy. Staff are also being proactive in the management of class participants and we will endeavour to send home anyone with obvious symptoms

Can I drop my child from classes?

We understand and respect your concern for your family and want to ensure you that we are following all advice and guidelines from the Health Department and Education Department to minimise the risk to participants. The current situation is very fluid and constantly evolving, and at this stage our community is at low risk and we are heeding to the advice that people should go about their daily routines and activities as normal. Physical activities are important for good physical and mental health and we encourage you to keep your children enrolled until the advice tells us otherwise.

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