Scheduled Break Fun
Whether it’s a Pre school aged program or a Primary Aged program, we’ll keep them active and occupied during the school holidays!

Peninsula Gymnastics has the school holidays covered!

Each Under 5 Year Olds Scheduled Break Program not only has an individual theme to keep your little one interested but also includes:

  • Self Exploration
  • Group Activities
  • Fine motor skill development
  • Gross motor skill development
  • Socialising
  • Art and Craft (4-5 year olds only)

Each Primary Aged Scheduled Break Program Includes:

  • Instructional Gymnastics
  • Art and Craft
  • Fitness Activities
  • Fruit
  • Games and More
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What's on this Scheduled Break?
Kinder Aged - $20 for 1 hour | $25 for 1.5 hours | Primary aged - $45 for non members | $40 for members
What happened last Scheduled Break?
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