Employment Opportunities

At Peninsula Gymnastics, we believe in hiring the right people, not positions. It’s our people that make us great. If you feel you fit with our company’s values, are passionate about movement, young people and health please email manager@peninsulagymnastics.com.au with your resume, cover letter detailing your experience, why you think you would fit at Peninsula Gymnastics and what area you feel you would contribute to.

Our Mission

At Peninsula Gymnastics our programs and decisions are all guided by a mission of “teaching movement for life”. We want participants to enjoy their movement experience and for it to shape their views for a healthy lifestyle. We want to build the confidence and physical abilities of participants so they leave us more empowered and we want them to enjoy the experience.


Our Values

We believe in instilling young people and our workforce with strong values:

  • Safety First

The health and wellbeing of everyone is paramount. It is reflected in the curriculum and delivery of all of our classes. Through well developed skill pathways we endeavour to communicate with participants the rationale behind the teaching and provide clear and concise boundaries to operate within.  

  • Be considerate

Consideration entails a real, active interest in the well-being and health of others and the community. It is an understanding that to be happy in an environment the well-being of others must be considered, alongside one’s own interests.

  • Use a systematic approach

In order to learn, we need to have goals but more importantly pathways to get there. We cannot expect to reach destinations without a map to get there. Through our curriculum we teach participants that the process is more important than the outcome.    

  • Empowerment

By empowering people in their learning we build them to be more confident and stronger in their lives, giving them the authority around decisions involving them

  • Enjoyment

Life is supposed to be FUN! Our health should be a fun experience – not a chore. So expect to be challenged but to enjoy the experience.