Expressing and building the movement literacy of your 1 - 5 year olds

Children are born to move! Our JuniorGym classes give them the opportunity to explore their potential, practice skills and actively solve problems. JuniorGym classes for young participants and their care providers are developed in alignment with researched principles on early childhood development. These classes provide an environment for children to develop physical and cognitive skills in a fun and playful way, at their own rate through guided exploration. Packed with gross and fine motor skills, music and rhythm, success and challenges, JuniorGym classes are designed to develop the whole child – socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Watch your child grow in confidence and skill as they explore an environment that is safe, stimulating and fun. With fortnightly themes to capture the imagination and engage your children, it will be the highlight of your child’s week and time that you look forward to spending with them.

Our classes are split into age groups to ensure that activities are appropriate and can be adjusted to suit each stage of learning and acquisition, which also ensures that children are interacting with their peers. Caregiver participation is compulsory for all classes with the exception of our 4-5 y.o. classes.    

By choosing JuniorGym you are giving your child the best start to their physical life.

  • Up to 10 children per coach (*up to 8 children per coach in 4-5 y.o. class)
  • 45 minute class
  • Mixed gender classes
  • No uniform required
  • Caregiver participation required (with the exception of 4-5 y.o. classes)
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