Our Facility
1/33 Henry Wilson Drive, Rosebud

Peninsula Gymnastics uses a mix of traditional gymnastics equipment and contemporary training aids. When you look through our facility you will see sets of Bars, Beams, Trampolines, Sprung Floor, Rings and supplementary matting, alongside fit balls, BOSU balls, puzzles, buzzers, balls and all sorts of other fun things. All brought together through a planned experience to deliver a program you will enjoy.

Venue Location

Parking is available in the marked car spots at the front of the building. Please enter via the eastern driveway and exit through the driveway on the westerly side of the building, to maintain one direction of traffic flow. It is imperative that care is taken when moving through the car park area. Henry Wilson Drive is also a very wide street with ample space for kerbside parking if needed.

Please be mindful of surrounding businesses ensuring that you are not parking in their private car spaces or blocking access to their properties. Please escort children into and out of the venue safely. Transporting adults assume responsibility from the door of the facility and are responsible for safety in adjoining parking areas.