Our Team

At Peninsula Gymnastics we employ professional, enthusiastic and considerate people who:

  • Are passionate about movement and all the benefits that it brings
  • Are highly accredited with Gymnastics Australia
  • Have current Working With Children Checks
  • Are First Aid Accredited – Senior staff hold additional Asthma and Anaphylaxis accreditations
Peninsula Gymnastics Directors
With a professional career in gymnastics spanning 15 years, supplemented with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science at A.C.U and a participant in the sport for 10 years prior, Bec has experienced the sport at all levels. As a former national level gymnast and Advanced level judge, current Advanced Women’s and Gym For All coach and mother of 2 energetic and adventurous children, Bec has a vision to communicate gymnastics’ value to every person in the community. Movement, enjoyment, empowerment and a drive for exceptional service steer the direction of development for Peninsula Gymnastics. Bec’s focus now is to support the staff in the refinement and implementation of innovative and contemporary programs and curriculum to ensure that members experience the joy of movement and the lifelong benefits.
Bec Robertson
Being involved as an athlete taught Tim very early on how important gymnastics based movement is for life. It taught valuable lessons including resilience, confidence, team work and self accountability. After finishing competitive training Tim has worked with in Gymnastics at many levels including Team Coach at the Victotian Men's High Performance Centre, and for Gymnastics Australia in the Coach Education and Events Team. Tim is an accredited Gymnastics Australia High Performance Coach and also holds an International Level 3 Coaching accreditation. Tim regularly consults for other clubs and associations, presenting workshops and coaches courses around Victoria and Australia.
Tim Robertson
Peninsula Gymnastics Team Leaders
You know how you always wish you had the energy of a toddler, with their ability to go, go, go and enjoy the moment?! Well, somehow Caroline still embodies this as an adult. An absolute wealth of knowledge in early childhood movement and development, Caroline will inspire with her enthusiasm, empathy and skill. Coaching for 25+ years and Peninsula Gymnastics’ longest serving employee, Caroline has experienced it all and holds national qualifications in KinderGym, Gym For All, Aerobic Gymnastics, Womens’ Artistic Gymnastics and Mens’ Artistic Gymnastics. Her desire to improve every individual she coaches is evident, as is her passion for creating an inclusive and engaging environment.
Caroline Carter
Kindergym Team Leader
Holly brings with her a warmth and compassion that brings such joy to those around her. With excellent academic foundations, completing a Bachelor of Sports Science in the UK and a strong sense of equitability, Holly is highly experienced in both the delivery of classes and in the administration of sport. She strives to ensure that her team in Customer Service have a child first approach and that they do everything to make your experience easy and positive.
Holly Moore
Customer Service Team Leader
Harriet has had a lifelong involvement in gymnastics, as a high level athlete herself and then onto a professional career as a coach. She is well travelled, having lived in three different countries and touring many more, and is experienced in coaching across all levels of the sport from foundation movement all the way through to competitive pathways. Harriet’s genuine care and enthusiasm is obvious to those lucky enough to be in one of her classes and goes hand in hand with her role as Gym For All Team Leader. She has an eye for detail and ensures that her team are well equipped to deliver exceptional programs.
Harriet Adcock
Gym For All and Gymstar Challenge Team Leader
Lisa is all about family. Mum of three talented daughters, small business operator with her husband and the Financial Team Leader here at Peninsula Gymnastics, she empathises greatly with the demands on modern families. One of our longest serving employees, she has been key to the growth of Peninsula Gymnastics. Deeply passionate about the movement experiences and health outcomes offered for your children in classes at Peninsula Gymnastics, she sits in an often thankless role behind the computer but a role that is no less important, to ensuring we are able to continue to offer contemporary classes.
Lisa Richards
Accounts Team Leader
Christie is the friend and colleague we all wished we had. Loyal, thorough, driven and passionate, she has an eye for detail and manor in speaking that makes her easy to like. Her experience as an International Trampolinist offers a sporting knowledge hard to beat while her ability to relate to all situations offers an empathetic and understanding ear. Through your conversations with Christie you will be reassured that she truly seeks to ensure that every participant is challenged, engaged, safe and ultimately enjoys every experience here at Peninsula Gymnastics.
Christie Baumgartner
Daily Operations Leader, Trampoline and Free G Team Leader
Peninsula Gymnastics Team
Charlie is one of our multi-talented FreeG and Trampoline coaches. With a passion for all things Ninja he spends his spare time either training for ninja competitions or having a swing out on the golf course! Charlie has been an athlete at Peninsula Gymnastics starting in KinderGym when he was 3 years old. You’ll find Charlie swinging around the gym in his spare time. Charlie is quick to win the respect from our little Ninja's after taking home Australian Ninja Warrior 2019! Well done Charlie!
Charlie Robbins
Kodie is currently a level 10 gymnast here at Peninsula Gymnastics. With her passion for gymnastics and movement growing day by day her talent for coaching became apparent to us in 2017 when she began coaching alongside some of our senior team members. She is now one of our regular GFA coaches has a very soft nature that her gymnasts love.
Kodie Hemingway
Liesel is one of our newer staff on the Coaching Team, but has been a gymnast here for over 6 years (and still trains in our Senior program)! Liesel’s hobbies include Scouts, and her energy and enthusiasm is infectious!
Liesel Male
Sophie has been a coach at Peninsula Gymnastics since 2015 and been an athlete for 10+ years being involved in Competitive Gymnastics. Sophie has shown a passion for teaching as a teenager and is currently studying her Bachelor of Education, implementing some of these skills into her coaching. Sophie also has a passion for dancing and is very creative when it comes to choreographing floor routines! You can find Sophie coaching in Gym For All, Gymstar Challenge, TeenFit and TeamGym during the week.
Sophie Gains
Coach Zahra knows the value of gymnastics first hand after spending many years as a gymnast at Peninsula Gymnastics herself.,Zahra leads her groups with positive energy, compassion and makes sure whilst they are learning they are always having fun.,In her spare time Zahra enjoys horse riding and spending time with her dog.,Her favorite food is chocolate!,
Zahra Pancic
Jess joins us with a long association in gymnastics first as a competitive athlete and then as a coach. For the last 10 years she has been working as a secondary PE teacher in large schools in Melbourne. She has recently relocated down the the Peninsula with her young family and is excited to join the team. Her enthusiasm, energy and the experience she brings has already been welcomed by her athletes and colleagues. Jess is currently coaching in our Adults, Gym For All, Teen Fit, Team Gym, Gymstar Challenge and Powerstart Programs!
Jess Buckeridge
Kim is part of our KinderGym, Gym For All, Free G and Gymstar coaching team.,As a retired national level 400m hurdler and a local and national football umpire for several years (including being the first female field umpire to officiate a Division 1 Seniors Grand Final in SEQFL), Kim believes coaching is a way she can give back to the young community. After many years of her own training and support from different coaches, she hopes to help her athletes achieve their personal goals. ,After working in many different sports Kim understands why gymnastics truly is a great fundamental sport that can benefit anyone and everyone.
Kimberley Boyce
Joining us in Customer Service in 2018, Linda is a wonderful addition to the Team! Linda has a love of horses and is a volunteer at Riding for the Disabled. Linda loves seeing the kids in action in the gym and appreciates how important movement is for overall childhood development.
Linda Suttie
Tessa Petrie has recently returned home to Australia, after a stint overseas where she gained fantastic experience as a cheerleader / coach and nanny. Tessa began her coaching journey with us back in 2014 and brings with her experience as a competitive gymnast and coach and then as a cheerleading athlete and coach. She has a passion for teaching currently employed elsewhere in childcare she chooses to join us and coach in our recreational classes in her spare time. She provides a positive experience and we are glad to welcome her back into our team!
Tessa Petrie
Zak has been an athlete at Peninsula Gymnastics since 2015 and recently began his coaching career working alongside Tim in the Tramp and GFA programs. Zak loves to move and has shown a real passion for ninja in recent times. So much so he recently competed in Ninja Warrior Australia (Season 3)! His kind and gentle manor makes him easy to like. We are excited to now have him onboard as part of coaching team!
Zak Stolz
Kelsey joined the coaching team at Peninsula Gymnastics in 2012 and participated in gymnastics herself for over 8 years!,With Kelsey’s fun, friendly and personable personality, she offers creativity to her coaching in her Gym For All classes. ,
Kelsey Ward
Leah is one of the friendly faces at our Customer Service Desk! Leah is a lover of sport and you’ll often find her at a netball or footy game! Having run her own daycare, Leah has great experience in caring for children and is always happy to help (especially when it’s BabyGym time)! Leah has also joined our KinderGym team with her passion for helping young people grow through their developmental stage.
Leah Jose
Sarah is one of our fabulous KinderGym coaches who has contagious energy and a vibrant imagination!,Sarah loves helping each child explore the room and seeing how they interpret and problem solve new things with their bodies, and helping them achieve new skills in a fun way each week is the ultimate reward. As a parent of 3 girls,(all Peninsula Gymnasts) she knows how proud the parents feel as well. ,With a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, Sarah contributes to our fabulous props and styling of the room.,
Sarah Pancic
Tradie by day Ninja by night; Troy A.K.A Dirt Ninja (Australian Ninja Warrior Competitor 2019) has been the longest training athlete at Peninsula Gymnastics and has had a heavy involvement since 2002 when he started Gymnastics! Troy is driven by working with young and teen boys from his attitude towards positive education and passion for movement specialising in Parkour and Ninja activities. You’ll find Troy coaching Gym For All and Xtreme Teens during the week.
Troy Cullen