Australian Ninja Warrior 2019 Winner – Charlie Robbins!

Ninja Warrior Season 3 Winner – Charlie Robbins spills the beans, he does more than just Golf…

Charlie Robbins has a long background in Gymnastics, not only does he still train but he also coaches here at Peninsula Gymnastics. After being involved with gymnastics for such a long time (and understanding the benefits it has as a fundamental movement activity), Charlie wanted to pass that on to the next generation, teaching them Movement for Life! He coaches a wide variety of classes and programs – FreeG, Gym For All, Trampoline and Xtreme Teens, and he is currently training in our Adult program.

Charlie has been a member of Peninsula Gymnastics for 17 years. He started challenging his movement from the age of 3 in our KinderGym program, then went onto our recreational classes before entering our Men’s Artistic Gymnastics pathway. After competing for a few years he decided traditional gymnastics was simply no longer for him and decided to go down our Xtreme Teens pathway and then into our Adults program (in more recent years).

Charlie was definitely the dark horse coming into this season of Australian Ninja Warrior but is one to watch, we definitely don’t think his Ninja journey stops here. Perhaps it’s just the beginning? Here’s hoping there are plenty more Peninsula Ninjas to take on Mount Midoriyama, and one day train alongside Charlie in years to come!

For more information and write ups on Charlie please follow the links below. However, if you are interested or may know a little someone who could be interested in training like a Ninja, come in and see what we have to offer! You may even be lucky enough to score yourself a spot in one of our Ninja’s classes!

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