Why not try a trampoline class?

At Peninsula Gymnastics we aim to teach movement that is beneficial for life, the trampoline classes are no exception.

The trampoline programs we offer are beneficial to backyard trampoline safety. We use a systematic approach to learning aerial awareness, safety around and on trampolines, safety landings, skills and routines. By learning the importance of these things we are able to work towards a diversity of skills used on trampolines. We practise a wide range of skills that involve the following:

  • Balance – by attempting to place each and every bounce on the cross, in the centre of the trampoline.
  • Coordination – arm and leg positioning in bounces and skills.
  • Rhythm and timing – these athletes learn a sense of rhythm and timing when attempting to keep bounces and skills consistent.
  • Self confidence – facing fears such as height in a fun and positive environment; without noticing.
  • Brain training – activating and strengthening different parts of the brain when mixing rotation with twisting.
  • Commitment – learning the process and dedication to learning new things.

It also assists with physical benefits that are crucial to maintaining a healthy body as we grow. For example:

  • Fast twitch muscle fibres – helpful for everyday tasks such as driving
  • Cardiovascular fitness – who doesn’t want a healthy heart!
  • Bone density – Strong bones to hold big muscles
  • Lymphatic circulation – it is like a natural detox! Moments of weightlessness whilst bouncing helps the body get rid of toxins (like chocolate)
  • Bilateral motor skills – use of both sides of the body when trying to maintain balance and coordination when bouncing.

Our tramp programs are targeted to suit primary and secondary aged children that are eager to exert some energy and learn skills and techniques associated with gymnastics. We recommend beginning in the Jump Start class as a trial, from there as you progress through skill development and aerial awareness, there is the opportunity to move into our High Flyers program upon assessment. 

For more information and clarification on session times please give us a call on 9004 1767!

By Christie Baumgartner