Gymstar Challenge Competition 2017

On Sunday the 17th and Sunday the 24th of September we had 6 Gymstar Challenge teams competing for Peninsula Gymnastics at Footscray City Gymnastics, from Level 4 through to Level 7!

The boys and girls each year are offered one optional external competition for them to experience what it’s like to work towards creating a routine and the final product of performing it to their families and other clubs.

This competition was one of the biggest competitions Gymstar held in 2017, so all the athletes had a great experience learning about how competitions are run.

Peninsula Gymnastics’ guiding philosophy when attending competitions is based on participation and on providing a positive learning experience for all participants. The focus / objective is never towards obtaining results or medals, with that being said CONGRATULATIONS to our Level 5’s for getting the ‘Judges Award’ for ‘Fantastic Encouragement of Team mates’. Our Gymstar Challenge coaches are so proud of each of the athletes and their sportsmanship.

Congratulations Gymnasts!